Greenland Ashram Entrance

A spectacular view of greenland ashram

There was no idea of an ashram when we started this project. Just a few cottages for pilgrims, friends or travelers to enjoy the beautiful view and serene atmosphere of Arunachala. But as we progress in the construction of it, we really did realize that nothing really nothing was in our hands. No bricks, no labor, no engineer were here because of our doing. There was a sense of being overwhelmed by works without even feeling responsible of it. Yes, there was tensions or restlessness. But the machine was on, and despite worries, the construction responded as normal as planned.

You can check the coming up of the construction in this video:

Greenland Ashram Entrance

A greenland ashram cottages

As much as it becomes a real learning progress, this place couldn't be just a place for shelter and food. And as we lived some years in an Ashram, the sound of recognition was deeply felt. As God was ever present, how could we not live the life we always wanted.

An ashram is a spiritual Hermitage where the knowledge is passed by a Guru to his disciple, far from the disruption of the mundane and social life, concentrate on the teachings received, ever aware of the omnipresence of God. This is where it is given the chance to be aware of oneself, of the inherent divinity that lie within us, and where the teachings receive uplift the mind towards higher goal that define real humanity. As we felt in Prashanti Nilayam, when The Lord Himself receive us in his mansion of Truth, the profound atmosphere of Peace and Love which saturate everything; how could we live far from it. Taken inside to realize it give us it all, but where to live it, to sustain it.

Greenland Ashram Cottages

Cottages overview

Then Greenland came. The idea of a bare land to become a Greenland, the simple idea of transformation could be perhaps enough to call it an ashram. And with the ever presence of our Beloved Sai, how could it be different? For the closest I am to Him, the more I disappear to the self.

An Ashram is then not only a place put apart, a special place far from everything, no in the contrary, an Ashram in the heart of life, is the place which remind ourselves of the fundamental values of life, and give us the spiritual awakening to carry it in and out for the welfare of all. And for that, the discipline is of foremost importance to keep our mind under check, and guide it towards the divine.

Greenland is open only to groups for their spiritual retreat, or intensive sadhana, without distinction of caste, creed, color or religion. For those who believe in the oneness of God, in Unity in diversity, inspired by the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi and all divine masters.

The Annapoorna Hall provide a space for the canteen and the reception.

Greenland Aannapoorna Hall

Aannapoorna Hall

The easwaramma Hall is the center of the Ashram. It is a big hall where daily puja are practiced, and where all the spiritual activities are done.

Greenland Easwaramma Hall

Easwaramma Hall

Map of the Ashram

Map of the Ashram

Greenland is open daily and follow the discipline of an ashram in India with its regular spiritual practices. Please read our “guidelines and code of conduct” section in the website

We are able to receive comfortably 27 to 29 persons

For enquiry, Please send us aa email at, or fill the form in the reservation section of the website